The State of Local
What every local business needs to know in a digitally powered world

What are your business goals?
Thanks to how quickly we can discover information, your customers know way more about your business before they set foot in your front door.
Buying decisions are made online
This means your customers often know exactly what they want before they visit you. In 2020, 93% of shoppers say they’ve used online resources (search, video, apps) while 83% of U.S. shoppers who visited a store said they used online search before going in. (Source: Google/Ipsos, Global Retail Study, Feb. 2020)
Shoppers say they've used online resources
Shoppers who visited a store and used online search before going in

Traditional buying decision model
Before the internet and mobile devices existed, your customers discovered your business pretty simply!
Customer behavior has changed
especially because of how things have changed.
People research your business before they enter your front door!”


Zero moment of truth
The moment people are making decisions is happening ONLINE. Google calls this the Zero-Moment-Of-Truth. And it’s happening every single day for your business.
Customer Journey
After becoming aware of your business, consumers start discovering more with search. There are more places than EVER where people are searching for businesses. It’s not just Google either. There are apps, directories, voice search, GPS… lots of places. 

Do you know how findable your business is online? What places are you aware of?


After finding your business, consumers see your reviews. In fact, it’s often the first thing showcased in Google search result. When a consumer uses ratings, reviews, and recommendations to help them compare choices, this affects the Zero Moment of Truth – where they choose which business they’re going to buy from.
What’s your average review score? Do you have any negative reviews that you’re aware of? How have you taken care of them?
Next step in the consumer’s journey is finally connecting with your business. Consumers are looking for quick, easy ways to make a booking, make an order, make an appointment, etc. 

Is your website making it really easy to convert and for people to become your customer?


Finally, it’s important to do everything you can to encourage happy customers to return again, and tell other about you.
Let them know to write you a review, post on social media, and of course, invite them back.

It’s important to win in each stage